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Writer, Political Commentator, Libertarian Thinker

About Me

About Me

Every word I write aims to promote one key idea: the individual, not governments, know best how to spend their money, choose their morals, and live their life.

I serve as the Australian Lead for Young Voices, an international talent and PR agency that helps liberty-minded young people find their voice in the public sphere. I moved to Sydney, Australia from Washington, DC after graduating from the George Washington University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. I spent two years at the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance where I worked as Policy Director.

My opinion pieces have appeared in the Australian Financial Review, the Daily Telegraph, the Washington Times, the Canberra Times, the Spectator Australia and others.  I am a regular guest on Sky News’ In My View and have appeared on 9News and 7News. I have also been a guest on TripleM, 6PR, SBS,  2GB and other radio stations accross Australia.

Feel free to reach out here.

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