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  • Emilie Dye

Pork barrelling just a sport for major parties

Updated: May 19, 2021

Am sick and tired of writing about sports rorts, but I actually value my responsibility to the taxpayers. Please, stop!

Every day, we hear another story about how our leaders are misusing our money. Greg Hunt secured $170,000 for a yacht club.

Josh Fydenberg stood proudly beside the Sydney Swans as they received $15 million of taxpayer money for new facilities. And we must not forget Bridget McKenzie gave $36,000 to the gun range where she herself is a member.

When Australians give their hard-earned money to the government, they would like to think that money goes to our schools, our roads, taking care of the homeless, and protecting our country from hostile forces abroad, not to a "struggling" yacht club.

Australians know people with yacht club, country club, and golf course memberships have deep pockets. Politicians aren't even pork-barrelling subtly when they give wealthy clubs in key electorates taxpayer money. Those in need of money don't write big checks to political campaigns.

Pollies like Greg Hunt, Bridgit Mckenzie, and ScoMo have attempted to excuse themselves from this obvious corruption by pointing out that these funds are bringing women's facilities into exclusively male clubs, something these organisations should have done a while ago and on their own dime.

Josh Fydenberg, in a campaign move to support Liberal candidate Dave Sharma, bragged that the $15 million he procured for the Sydney Swans would be a "game-changer for women's sport in NSW." Meanwhile, the Swans regularly write $10 million paychecks to their players.

This money should be sent back to the communities. Locals, not federal politicians, know where a sports grant could have the biggest impact for good.

The government is siphoning money from poor and regional areas through taxes to subsidise the lifestyle of the wealthy.

As the debate rages over firing Bridget McKenzie, we the taxpayers must not simply be satisfied by the scapegoat pollies throw our way.

This isn't a partisan issue; it's a taxpayer issue. Both the liberal and labour parties are guilty of misusing taxpayer funds to benefit themselves.

It's time Australians demanded fundamental changes to the way politicians use our money. Pollies in Canberra, when given the power to arbitrarily pick who receives taxpayer funds, will invariably pick themselves.

This article was originally published through Australian Community Media and appeared in numerous papers across Australia.

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