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Tune in to see  a selection of my media clips including Radio, Podcasts, and TV.


Sky News In My View: Australians set to experience yet another crisis, high inflation

“While inflation may seem like an abstract concept right now and the last thing anyone wants to worry about after Covid,” Ms Dye said. “Australians are going to suffer when their savings start to dwindle, and their paychecks fail to stretch as far as they used to.”

In my view inflation.jpg

Western Heritage Round Table Forum: The Cost of Lockdowns

Round Table Forums are an initiative of Western Heritage Australia held since 2006 in the Jubilee Room at NSW Parliament House. Emilie Dye spoke on how the most significant costs of the COVID-19 lockdown came from a loss of freedom.


On Liberty Ep. 33: Superannuation has failed - Centre for Independent Studies

Superannuation has failed in its original goal: helping Australians to achieve financial independence in retirement. Many Australians still rely heavily on the means-tested age-pension because they don’t have enough money to comfortably retire.


6PR Perth Chris Ilsley: Where can we trim the fat in this federal Budget?

The Australian Taxpayers Alliance is taking an unusual approach to budget night, launching Waste Watchers, the budget spending tracker to measure unnecessary spending.

We’re talking to ATA Director of Policy, Emilie Dye.


7News Sydney: NSW Records 16 new Coronavirus cases, The Thai Rock Cluster

There's increasing alarm over coronavirus and fresh warnings Sydney businesses will have the book thrown at them if restrictions are ignored. It comes after Australia recorded another 502 new cases, our biggest daily spike.We're now being told the next few weeks are critical.


TripleM Hobart: Vape Users Scared To Turn Back To Cigarettes - with The Spoonman

On 9News discussing the plan to spend the $60billion discrepancy in the stimulus package on free childcare for all. The problem is that isn't just money we found in our jeans pocket one day. That is money we need to borrow from future tax revenue.


Senate Economics Committee: Currency (Restriction on the use of cash) Bill Hearings

Emilie Dye on behalf of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance gave hard-hitting testimony against the cash ban, noting that it the law will further constrain law-abiding Australians while criminals will ignore it.


Sky News Bernardi Show: The lists governments 'have seized to keep you broke' goes on and on

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says the "list of opportunities" that governments have seized "to keep you broke" goes on and on after the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance crunched the numbers on how much Australians lose in tax every year.


9News: The 27 public servants earning more than $1 million

"They're not servants," Emilie Dye, policy director of the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, told 9News.
"They're making a CEO's salary. The difference with a CEO's salary - you don't have to buy their products.

Nine news2.PNG

SBS Hmong Radio: Does 2020 budget really help Australians and its economy?

"Subsidizing is not a reform, a true reform is real structural tax reform, which we don't see from this 2020 budget," says Emilie Dye, director of policy of the Australian Taxpayer's Alliance.


TripleM Hobart: Not for Broadcast Podcast - Spoonman Vs Federal Budget

Brian Carlton's "Not For Broadcast Podcast" takes a deep dive into the 2020 federal budget to make CENTS of it all. The Spoonman is joined by Federal Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, Tasmanian Economist Saul Eslake and Taxpayers Alliance Director of Policy Emilie Dye.


TripleM Hobart: Vape Users Scared To Turn Back To Cigarettes - with The Spoonman

Legalise Vaping Australia Spokeswoman Emilie Dye talks the potential ban of e-cigarette importation, why vape users will need a doctor's prescription & how the decision could turn people towards cigarettes.

Woman Vaping

SBS Hmong Radio: The Australian government expenditure transparency

Not long after the sports rorts scandal loom large, a Victorian Tennis Club is taking legal action against the Australian federal government over the sports grants. The Australian taxpayers demand transparency.


BoldTV Millennial Minute: Is It Safe To Go Back To The Gym In 2021?

Gym owners are suffering after being closed for so many months. But is it safe to go back? This was a recent topic for a debate David Grasso moderated with Emilie Dye and Max Burns.


Daily Globe at the Weekend Episode 4: Spotlight with Emilie Dye; This (two) weeks in CANZUK

Host Isaac Anderson speaks with Emilie Dye, Policy Director of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance and Executive Director of the HR Nicholls Society, in a free-ranging interview about immigration, the not-so-dismal science of economics, and the Australian perspective on CANZUK.


Banter Episode 21: Budget Gloom and Doom

Together the Viral Banter Team discusses all things 2020 budget, the debt, the tax cuts and the underlying principles for much needed reform. The Price is Right (with government spending) also makes a return.


9News: Public paying massive expenses bills for ex-premiers decades out of office

"There are some that just feel entitled to taxpayer money and that's not okay," Emilie Dye from the Australian Taxpayers' Association said. "We really need to work on giving that money back to the people and not taking it because you can, because it's legal."


2GB Breakfast Show with Ben Fordham: NSW council's toilet tax is a pile of shit

The Balranald shire is forcing hotels to flush their taxpayer funded subsides down the proverbial toilet. In lieu of new local taxes, the councils should be allowed to keep more of the traditional tax revenue collected in their community.


In the Interest of the People: A Month to Stop the Great Bank Conspiracy

Economist John Adams and Analyst Martin North discuss the Cash Restriction Bill.  In her testimony before the Senate, Emilie highlighted the real risks of being "de-banked"

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